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Carolyn Young and her daughter Claire Young are co-owners of the on-trend women’s boutique, a place where mothers and daughters can each find that perfect outfit or accessory. Carolyn always had a passion for clothes and fabrics. She worked as a manager for Ann Taylor for years and had a knack for creating her own clothing, but her dream had always been to own her own boutique. Her daughter Claire,a graduate of Rutgers University, came on board after helping with inventory and assisting with buying merchandise at trade shows.

Armed with their love of fashion, an eye for quality, and experience in the boutique industry, the pair decided to name their venture Latitude. “I liked the various definitions of the name, latitude,” noted Carolyn. “It could mean the distance from the equator, or it could mean the freedom from narrow restrictions. That resonated with me. We used that idea to build a place that catered to women who might be reaching outside of their everyday wardrobe.” (source: CapeMayMag.com​)

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We were featured in the Cape May Magazine as one of the featured shops.
Site: CapeMayMag.com​

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